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Walking Like A Tarzan

Shortly and easy as cutting the butter i was direct my tiny camera that part of Samsung Galaxy A20 with purpose made this a snapshoot potrait.

A staff park is walking like the Tarzan in a tree,then i was grab my Samsung Galaxy A20 and made these some potraits.

Although he is just a park staff,we shouldn't  underestimate to his skill!๐Ÿ‘

“Baru Belajar Mengambar”

Well,i just erased my old blog with a name”baru belajar mengambar”(just learn to draw)

I chosen”hapus secara permanen”(erased permanent).

My first posting on my old blog (February-Monday-3-2014).

This blog skin is very good!

Another postings

My Last Posting (August-Friday-8-2014)

My ambitation,to went became a cartoonist is failed (use it the blog),with poor visitors and there is no any follower,then i chosen to erased permanently ๐Ÿ˜Œ



Thank You To @marysia_cc
I walking in the darkness of life forest

I steer to around on me

I feel scary to a while

I knew all things must pass

All things would be scarf tissues

There's came there's go

Easy like Hello Goodbye

We are all try to not forgeten but the time would be make them as haze that blowed by wind

I try struggle in order not surrender,in the spite,it's not easy like cutting the butter

I try more sensiablity,during i walks in darkness of a life forest

It,s hard as a hard women,however i still believe there's no problem just solution

Many people just busy make plans,on other hand life what happens while you are busy making other plans

Mr Brown said it's be okay

I try it's would be okay

Here comes the sun

Sun gives little ray to the life forest

Cath the the ray it's had better

Me and the bussy golden slumbers who ignore it many priceless in around of them

Then i said look to lonely people (golden slumbers) they too busy dig it until ignore about what wonderful world

Sexy sadie gave to us any lesson in order don't to judge virtue by the cover

I try struggle starting over walking over and over through life forest and keeps my eagle eyes stay opened

Would Be 20 Years?

Well i knew about social media life in circa 2008,through my little sister, she has encouraged me in order have a Friendster account,but ignore it because of i don’t know about this platform microbloging.

Magazine outmagzn 005 August 2004

July 2009,some my mates has encouraged me in order i up into/sign up to social media life,it’s Facebook,previously my knowledge social media life is poor,due to i always thinking it’s just spend our time and money also (by the way internet service in my country is expensive with not good signal),then in circa July 2011,i was sign out forever from Facebook.

But i still want running life in social media,then in circa August 2011,i decided in order try to sign up to WordPress.

I knew my knowledge about this macroblogging platform is poor,that’s why i need read this book
Glance of WordPress in classic style

I remember there is an Indonesian blogger that one of the pionir in social media in my country.

Definetly maybe he has most oldest blog in Indonesia (circa 2004 untill circa 2021-he have been on social media for 17 years).

He is ahead of others Indonesian bloggers in future.

As a blogger Mr Wimar Witolear is very progresive and during orde baru era,he has balls to facing the orba regime (Soeharto and His Stooges)

Here we go,but unfortunely…

He has sign up to Twitter in circa 2006.

His Twitter Account @wimar is most oldest Twitter Account! In early days Twitter,he has up into in the Twitter Land.

He is Mr Wimar Witolear (RIP 2021).

Back to my juggernaut in social media world,i sign up to Twitter in circa January 2011,previously in Facebook i has over 1000 friends,whereas in Twitter,my followers are passing 1000 friends.

Not easy runnings in Twitter (microblog),as long as you are a newbie or not famous,in another case,due to you don’t know about issue that could bring many followers to you or you too busy with your work in the real world.

When i try to blogging use it WordPress (macroblog),i realized my skill writing is poor.

Shortly i left WordPress in 2011!

Then i chosen Blogspot as my first platform for blogging (in macroblog).

Advantage of Blogspot is there are many free blogskin in internet for Blogspot and this macroblog platform is tendency for SEO friendly.

I got temptation of Tumblr in circa 2012,then i realized this platform blogging not give to me enough exercise for writing or encouraged my skill writing,so i don’t sign up to Tumblr.

I try use it Posterous in circa 2012,it’s platform blogging is unique,because of microblog with macroblog style,unfortunely Posterous is Shutdown in April 30,2013.

Credit to Mike Allton

Posterous had many potentialy,elegant and responsive,however must gone too soon.

After long time ago your digital paths would be founded by our great grand childrens or someone in the future and they thinks these treasure.

I have been on social media for 13 years,would be 20 years?


Salah Satu Cara๐Ÿ“น๐Ÿ“บ

Ada bebeberapa cara untuk mengubah tampilan saluran youtube kita,dan yang aku paparkan di sini adalah salah satu cara yang menurutku lebih mudah dan praktis,khususnya bagi yang tidak mengunduh aplikasi youtube atau youtube studio.

Dalam hal ini yang ingin kita ubah adalah kepala saluran youtube kita (biasa kita sebut sebagai Banner atau Header).

Pertama-tama kita ke YOUTUBE

Pilihlah mode DESKTOP SITE di telepon genggam kita,biasanya letaknya di bawah layar telepon genggam kita,mungkin ada perbedaan tergantung merk telepon genggamnya,sedangkan aku sendiri mempergunakan telepon genggam merk Samsung Galaxy A20 keluaran 2019

Kemudian pilihlah CHANNEL KITA,sebelumnya kita lihat dulu akun google yang mana yang kita pakai sebagai akun google untuk saluran youtube kita

Karena ada kalanya kita bertemu salah satu akun google kita,ketika kita membuka youtube,karena kita mempunyai dua akun google atau lebih,kemudian salah satu akun youtube itu muncul,diakibatkan karena kita memakai alat peramban yang sama di dalam telepon genggam kita (berbeda jika kita melakukannya di warnet),karena itulah sebaiknya kita GANTI AKUN Dulu.

Setelah itu kita pilihlah SESUAIKAN CHANNEL

Kemudian muncullah UBAH dan HAPUS,karena kita ingin mengubah tampilan kepala saluran youtube kita,akan kita pilih ubah.


@elonmusk Memberikan Pertanda๐Ÿค”

Dunia Persilatan

Perjalanan Kenji Mempelajari Enam Kehendak

Bagi kita penikmat kisah-kisah silat mandarin atau disebut juga”Wuxia”,gerakan-gerakannya atau jurus-jurusnya tidak umum,dan bahkan seni silat dari suku bangsa ini,benar-benar asing,apa lagi jika kita bilang ini berasal dari salah satu suku bangsa di cina daratan yang memeluk Islam.

Aku percaya bagi penikmat film-film silat mandarin yg terbiasa dengan gerakan-gerakan atau jurus-jurus Wingchun,mereka akan anggap silat cina yang ini gerakan-gerakannya terlalu kaku,langsung dan keras๐Ÿ˜Š

Beberapa dari kita menyebutnya sebagai”Kungfu Muslim”,tapi kebanyakan orang kita biasanya jika sudah berbicara tentang Muslim Cina,akan mengacu kepada orang-orang Uyghur yang termasuk kelompok rumpun Turki yg berbicara dalam bahasa turki siberia.

Secara kebahasaan mereka termasuk Suku Bangsa Han yang adalah suku bangsa terbanyak di Republik Rakyat Cina/Cina Daratan,tapi memeluk Islam

Ada sumber rujukan lain tentang mereka dan bisa dicari di sini ๐Ÿ‘‡

Di sini kita akan melihat secara selayang pandang aliran silat (wushu-kepiawaian dalam bertarung-silat cina-kungfu itu sebutan yang paling banyak dipakai di luar cina daratan) Enam Kehendak melalui komik kenji no 20.

Langkah Ayam

Sang Pendekar Bai So To